It Is Clear Dogs Can Act As A Great Deterrent.

It is a known and obvious fact that intruders prefer to target houses with easy, undetectable entrances and exits. But a dog certainly can act as the first line of defence, just by making your home less desirable in the first place…. as most intruders will avoid homes with dogs. The breed of your dog can also increase or decrease the effectiveness as a deterrent. In general, the bigger your dog is, the bigger the deterrent will be for the potential intruder… Obviously because the intruder will be much more intimidated by a German Shepard than a Chihuahua …

Your Dog’s Protection Should Not Be The Only Line Of Defence

When an intruder sees signs that there is a dog in your home it can often be enough of a deterrent, but this does not work on in every case. Some intruders do not care at all about the presence of a dog and have quite a few ways to distract or even hurt them…. So it’s best not to put them as the only line of defence as they might be the one that cops the brunt of a break in.