Turn your home into a fortress for burglary prevention by fixing the flaws in your home defense that burglars search for.


Burglars Look for Advantages

1. Most burglars enter through unlocked (or weak) doors or windows!


2. Anything to help them climb to a less secure window, such as tree limbs or latticework – or standing on a vehicle, unchained patio furniture, or garbage cans to reach higher.


3. Hiding spots provided by shrubbery, flimsy enclosed porches, privacy fences and walls, or unlighted areas.


4. An attached garage is a bonanza if it’s easy to get into. Hidden from neighbor's view, they’ll penetrate the door to your house.


5. Screens are easy to quietly slice and reach through to unlock a door or climb through a window.


6. Homes without dogs or nosy neighbors.


7. Secluded homes without especially extensive security products.


8. Noises (such as heavy traffic or other machinery) help prowlers.