1. Spray a lubricant on the outer case of your cameras. Apply a lubricant such as teflon spray or even vaseline to the body of the camera housing and the surrounding area where the camera is situated. This often makes the camera much too slippery for spiders to anchor webs on it. However be sure the lubricant does not get on the camera lens as you are applying the lubricant as this may cause blurring of the images recorded.

2. Attach a dryer sheet to security cameras. By attaching a dryer sheet to the camera with a rubber band on the outside of your camera, the smell can help to keep most bugs away.

3. Insects are naturally attracted to light, by disabling any LED lights on your security camera lens, this will significantly reduce the number of insects attracted to the camera. Be sure to check if your security camera model allows this function and turn it off.

4. Put a flea collar on or near your security camera. Flea collars are known to keep spiders and other insects away.